Workout at Home

KBuddah offers ways for you to workout at home and to build value and motivation in your at-home workout space. 


At-Home Training

KBuddah comes to you! While gyms are closed, KBuddah can come to you. Khris can come to you for your training. He will bring the appropriate equipment and sanitizing supplies with him and respect the CDC social distancing guidelines with your workout. Please use the contact form here or email directly to for quarantine pricing appointment information. 

KBuddah Creates Your Gym

Let KBuddah help you create your home gym so you can make the most of your at-home workouts. Build the value in your at-home gym! Let KBuddah help you make the most of your space, and storage, choose the right equipment for you, etc. KBuddah will travel quite a distance if he has time to plan for the trip! 

Building your at-home gym will help you create more enjoyment in your at-home workouts whether they are with KBuddah Zoom, or on your own. KBuddah can even figure out a training routine for you. 

Contact KBuddah here or email to discuss your options and available appointment times.