KBuddah Training

It's not just a workout; it's a bonding experience.

KBuddah Gear and Merchandise

KBuddah gear and merchandise is available on several online stores! Get your shirts or coffee mugs with the KBuddah logo! We also have things available for you at the gym. Ask about buttons, car magnets, wristbands and other things! 

Shop our online stores for a wide variety of KBuddah gear and merchandise!

Crap Free Skin Care

Sabrina Gennarino's vegan skin care line will be available through the KBuddah gym and it's always available online through her website. KBuddah is about taking care of yourself in every way. Sabrina's line is a great way to take care of your skin and pamper yourself. KBuddah clients can use the coupon code KBuddah10 to receive a 10% discount! 

Sabrina Gennarino

Sabrina Gennarino is an actor known most recently for her work as Tamiel on The Walking Dead, Bethany on Claws, and Madelyn on The Purge TV. Originally from New York, she has just moved to Los Angeles from New Orleans. Sabrina is a wife and mom, a vegan, a badass, and an extremely compassionate woman. She embodies the KBuddah philosophy.

KBuddah Training

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