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If it wasn't for Khris I wouldn't be walking. Working with Khris for the last three years, after several surgeries, I am able to do anything with Khris's amazing coaching. Khris is an awesome human being, who listens and possesses so much integrity. Khris has not only changed my body but my mindset. ~Mary

"Excellent trainer and human being to be with for personal development." ~Mike 


"Personal attention, Khris has a great ability to work with anyone at any level of fitness. He is also helping me after a sprain to my knee." ~Rosemarie 


"The hubs and I have been training 2 times per week with Khris for the last 6 weeks. Our diets have changed for the better as we have gotten food assessments from Khris as well as physical training. Our stamina during the workouts seems to last a bit longer. The other people that train with Khris are friendly and coach you on during a workout that may seem difficult. Great motivation. Thanks, Khris!" ~Lisa Ann 


"I worked with Khris for a short amount of time, but in that short time he changed me as a person mentally and physically. He is one of the greatest, kindest, and smartest people you will ever meet and the biggest supporter of all his clients." 



I've only worked out twice with Khris and am thrilled with the routine he has me doing and his awesome attitude!



Kris’ knowledge and professionalism spans from nutrition to physical fitness. He focuses not only on “the workout,” but on the totality of helping clients be their personal best. He stresses that the client is always in control although he is there to guide them. Also very affable and personable. 5 STARS!!



"I've been training with Khris for 2 years and my body has been transformed. I love working out with Khris. He is very passionate, very energetic, tuned into his clients' needs and an overall great guy. He's always ready to listen and is always available for questions and concerns. I'm so happy I found Khris and would highly recommend him to everybody."



"Khris has completely changed my life. I started to train hoping to lose some weight. I continue to train with him because I have found a compassionate friend who believes in me and saw a bigger future for me than just one at a lighter weight. He saw a future without pain, without limits. My chronic pain has essentially disappeared. I now do things in the gym and out of the gym that I thought I'd never be able to do again. I can't wait to see what's next!"